A Trial Flying Lesson in a Premier Flight Training Aircraft

“A gift, where the sky is the limit.”

A Trial Flying Lesson is 45 minutes or 1 hour .

If you would like to buy a Trial Lesson please use the links below to purchase online, or why not telephone us and speak to a member of our staff who will guide you through the purchase and booking system. If it is a gift we will gladly issue a voucher for the recipient, and a booking can be made at their convenience later. You can email for details if you prefer. The voucher is transferable, but, except in exceptional circumstances, is not refundable.

Once a booking has been made please arrive about 15 minutes before your booked time. There is a small amount of administration, and then your flying instructor will brief you on the flight. If you have preferences as to where to fly, do not hesitate to make them known at this point. However we cannot guarantee we can meet all requests, but we will try hard to do so.

You will then be taken to the aircraft and briefed on the safety features, and you will sit in the normal pilot’s seat, the instructor will sit in the right hand seat. The instructor will explain what he is doing. During the flight the instructor will demonstrate various gentle manoeuvres, and he will invite you to follow through, and eventually fly the aircraft yourself, under his close supervision.

You must be aware that the weather may preclude flying on some days, the decision to fly or not will be taken by the company, safety is always the highest priority, and your enjoyment comes a very close second, therefore if necessary, a rebooking will be made.

You or your family are encouraged to take photographs of the event, although Airfield access is limited.

Sorry but we can’t take you on a trial lesson if you are pregnant or have a life threatening medical condition.   There is no age restriction but of course you must be able to get in and out of the aircraft unaided.   Under 18s will need parental permission, please call us for a chat if you want to book a trial lesson for anyone under 16.

Should you wish to take flying further the trial lesson can be logged as the first lesson counting towards your training to gain a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) – see our courses page for more details.

If you would like to see the type of aircraft we use why not take a look at our aircraft page.

Trial Flights are normally limited to the “student pilot”, and 1 passenger subject to calculation of aircraft loading.  There is no extra charge for the passenger

If you are buying the trial lesson as a gift please use the Additional Information box on the Checkout Page to tell us who the gift is for.  We will personalise the voucher and send it to you in an unmarked envelope.

Trial Lessons:

45 minutes……

£160.00Add to basket

60 minutes……

£200.00Add to basket

Contact us on 01603 400527 or email: flying@premierflighttraining.co.uk