Whether looking to start a career in aviation or a lifetime of recreational flying, for most the journey begins with the PPL course (for those planning a career in aviation this will be Module 1 of a Commercial Course). Taken over a few weeks or at a more leisurely pace PPL instruction will teach you how to fly a single engine piston (SEP) driven aircraft. The emphasis of the PPL is on safe flying in daylight with good weather (VFR) then for those who want there are optional courses to extend the conditions you can fly in, for example to fly at night.

As an EASA Approved Training Organisation (0312) we offer The EASA Private Pilots Licence.

This EASA Licence requires a MINIMUM Total of 45 Hours Flight Time, which must include:

A minimum of 25 Hours Dual Flight Time.
A minimum of 10 Hours Solo Flight Time.

A Class 2 EASA Medical is required for the PPL, and this has to be taken with a CAA Approved Doctor.

There is no maximum time period as such, and therefore you can spread the flying lessons to suit your time and pocket. However it is recommended to maintain continuity, that you should try to take a lesson at least every 2 weeks.

The EASA Light Aircraft Pilots Licence is a MINIMUM of 30 hours Flight time,
The LAPL has a more simple content than the EASA PPL, and the use of this Licence is more limited .

Both PPL Syllabii require completion of various ground subjects, and written examinations in those subjects. All of these can be undertaken at Premier, we offer customised workbooks, ground school, and examination facilities on site.