PA –28 – 161 Warrior:
PPL Hire Rate: £186 per hour including landing fee*
Student Pilot Rate: £198 per hour***

PA-28-181-Archer (Currently unavailable):
PPL Hire Rate : £186 per hour including landing fee*
Dual Rate: £210 per hour***

PA-34 200T- Seneca II:
Student Rate : £440 per hour ( dual and solo)
PPL Hire rate £380 per hour.

 Single engine; 10 hour “Hour Builder Special” Available to PPL holders £1590 subject to conditions, including first landing at Norwich for each flight.

All prices include VAT @ 20%

*PPL Hire; This is for the first landing at Norwich for each flight. 

*** Training flights subject to landing charges.

Premier Flight Training has a membership fee of £125 per annum. A Monthly rate of £15 is available for short courses. The Year runs January – January. Trial Lessons and Introductory Flights include a temporary membership valid for that day only.

Correct as of  November 2020