The EASA Private Pilot’s Licence, and Light Aircraft pilots require study in 9 aviation associated subjects. These are;
1. Air Law
2. Operational Procedures
3. Meteorology
4. Navigation
5. Aircraft Technical
6. Aircraft Planning and Performance.
7. Human Performance
8. Principles of Flight.
9.Communications. This is also valid for The Radio Telephony (“R/T”) Licence.

Each of these subjects requires a multi-choice written examination, and the R/T Licence requires a practical test.

The study is normally completed during the flying course, various stages of the flying being complimented by a ground subject. Premier Flight Training offers for sale, customised Workbooks to cover all of these subjects. The subjects are completed with a classroom revision period and Mock examination, before entering The CAA examination.

We offer all CAA PPL examinations at our school, and also have the facility and an examiner to complete the Practical R/T test.
We have experienced ground instructors, who can offer anything from a full ground course, “a helping hand crammer-course”, or the 2 hour revision, before sitting the CAA examination.
Please contact us for further details.

Premier Flight Training also offers custom courses through PPL Ground training.